Saturday, 26 January 2013

Baby it's cold out there....

It's been a tough week to put it mildly. Currently me and my family are waiting on some health news for one of us. It's the real scary kind of health news that no one wants to hear. In a matter of hours on Wednesday life changed, it was horrible. At the moment my perspective on life has changed somewhat, enjoy every second, if you and the people you love are healthy then you have everything you could possibly need in life.

So when the snow began to fall last night I was determined to get out there and enjoy it! Mr B lives near the appropriately named Winter Hill in Bolton. Boy did it live up to its name last night! Luckily we've both got a week off so we had no worries about digging cars out or how we're going to get to work, we could just enjoy the snow and then go back inside and snuggle up with hot Ribena, perfect.

I'm only small but as you can see the snow was pretty deep!

Glad we didn't need to go out anywhere today!

I don't think I've ever been in snow so deep!

What's the snow been like for you?


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