Thursday, 19 July 2012

Recent purchases :)

So I thought I'd do a little post about some of the bits & bobs I've purchased lately! Ever since I started my new (and first!) job back in April my shopaholic ways have got worse! But hey, until I have big responsible bills to pay I'm going to enjoy it ;)

So, let's start with my purchases from Boots! My local boots store 'was' about 5 min away from my house. It was super huge & packed full of your big beauty brands: Chanel, Benefit, Clinique, YSL, the list goes on. It had four isles dedicated to every single nail polish brand a girl could dream of, including Essie, Models own, and Barry M. It was just my happy place! I often went in there to just get an essential item and then walk out an hour later with two bags full of lovelies.

This particular Friday me and my mumsie had been for a look around & a spend. We left happily with our four bags & that was that. Little did we know that 24 hours later the store would be burnt to a crisp! I'm the first to admit the sadness I felt when I heard it had burnt down was utterly ridiculous. But, I couldn't help but feel sadness for all the beauty goodies that had been destroyed. On the upside however, my bank balance should benefit from the closure!

Anyway, onto my goodies:

I'm a big fan of my dry shampoo, I honestly think it's a miracle in a can. I've been using the cherry scented Batiste and can fully recommend it, this time I'm giving the floral scent a whirl, i''m impressed so far!
Now I'm back to my blonde ways I fancied having a little dabble into the bronzing world, it's taken me a while to learn how much to apply but I think it just adds a healthy glow to my very pale face.
The deodorant and body spray are my work essentials, I keep them in my draw for a lunch time refresh, my office is VERY warm!

I've heard lots about the tangle teezer lately & I've been excited about trying it out, so when I saw it sat there, calling out my name, I couldn't resist! It fits into the palm of your hand really well so it's helpful for me and my awkward fingers. It really does make your hair feel smoother & less fly away, always a bonus!

To be honest this got my attention because I thought it would help me to get a better lather up with my face wash. I've not been disappointed! It feels really nice on your face, you can also use it to massage your moisturiser in which is a nice relaxing thing to do before bed.

I'm a massive fan of Benefit and I've been needing a new 'That Gal' for quite a while, I couldn't resist the Olympic inspired packaging that Benefit are rocking at the moment!

Finally, I've made my first ever Cath Kidston purchase! I've always been a fan of the pretty Cath prints (much to my other half's disappointment!) so when her sale started I couldn't resist any more.

Such pretty packaging!

And I'm very happy with my new wash bag and pyjama bottoms! :)

Look forward to blogging again soon :)

S xxx

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

A day out in the sunshine!

So today we hit the road & headed off in search of some fresh air. After much umming and arring we decided to head up to Lancaster & the beautiful Willimson park. We lost the blue sky half way up the M6 and for a short while the weather looked rather threatening! Thankfully the weather was kind to us! The park has beautiful views looking out over Lancaster over to the Lake District.

A wedding had just finished in the Ashton memorial & I took the opportunity to oo and aww at the Bride! I do love a good wedding. You'd definitely have beautiful wedding pictures!

We had lunch in the lovely cafe at the park - I can certainly recommend the scrummy jacket potatoes.

We had a lovely mooch around the park in the afternoon, enjoying the sunshine (I'd forgotten what it feels like!) There are lots of little hidden nooks and crannies throughout the park & we enjoyed some peace and quiet in the temple shelter.

We came back via the Trough of Bowland and came across an excellent photo opportunity! It was rather windy up there!

And yes, that is Blackpool tower! I was back in the car at this point warming up!

I love adventures :)

Until the next...S xxx