Friday, 7 December 2012

Forget about those melting ice caps, we're doing the best with what we've got

It's been a strange old three months! There was a lot of uncertainty hanging over me with regards to my job.  One day it looked like I was going to be made permanent and the next it looked like my contract would be coming to an end.  My contract was only for 6 months but it had been extended with the hope of me becoming permanent.  Unfortunately that plan never got off the ground! So now it's back to the job search again,. Hopefully this time i'll be able to get a permanent role that I can settle into.

We scooted off to a lovely week in the lake district at the beginning of November at it was just what I needed.  It helped me to gain a bit of perspective and to just calm down and stop worrying so much about things.  I've had a few up and down moments since I finished but i'm keeping focussed on finding a bigger and better job & moving forward.

I thought it would be nice to do a bit of a what i've been up to lately post.  Now I have spare time on my hands i've planned to do plenty of blogging!


Whilst in the lake district we had our tea in a little fish and chip restaurant in Keswick one night.  It just so happened to be Christmas light switch on night, and as bizarre as it sounds the switch for the lights was on the wall behind our table! My mum joked to the lady that I could flick the switch & she let me! My little claim to fame!!

We went to see the Christmas tree switch on at Cheshire Oaks, thats the biggest tree in Europe! And I can confirm its huuuage!

Waterproof coats were needed most days in the lake district!

Cute little owls that my mum picked up from Bents Garden Centre.  She said they reminded her of me & Mr B :)

Me & Lego Harry Potter in the Trafford Centre.  Behind us is the biggest Lego tree, i'm planning on trying to recreate it next year!

Delicious hot chocolate from the Strawberry cafe in Kewsick

I fell in love with the Cinderella display in Bents.  If you live anywhere near it it's definitely worth a visit, makes you feel very festive and gives you plenty of ideas

Me in the Beatrix Potter attraction. Yes, i'm 24 but I loved it!

Beautiful flowers from work, made me cry!

My Ciate advent calendar. I couldn't resist it, sucker!

Christmassy Trafford Centre

My first Tapas experience!


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